Snurfer Board Shellac Can

Snurfer Board Shellac Can

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  • Finish protects an beautifies the wood
  • Smooth glide in nearly all snow conditions
  • High gloss superior finish

Bring out the natural wood beauty while protecting your board with all natural Snurfer Shellac. This finish protects an beautifies the wood with a lustrous glow while allowing for a smooth glide in nearly all snow conditions. While each hand made Snurfer leaves our US factory with multiple coats of our high gloss superior finish, periodic maintenance may be necessary with regular use.

Simply hand sand any nicks, scratches or chips with a fine 220 sandpaper, wipe away dust, and brush on our Snurfer Shellac one coat at a time. This all natural, fast drying low oder formula adds superior protection from moisture while protecting your Snurfer for years to come.

A must have accessory for anyone who was brought up believing in the old Vermont adage “Take care of your tools and your tools take care of you”.

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