Big Brom Snurf

Posted by Keith on 12/30/2015 to Out and About


Last weeks heat wave in VT made for some awesome Snurf conditions at Big Bromley. Christopher Waker Andrew Maness Jimmy Goodwin

Red Bull All Snow

Posted by Keith on 3/3/2015 to Snurfer Demos
Red Bull All Snow
Snurfer Boards will be demoing the new Nomads and Classics this Saturday March 7th at Mt Snow as part of Red Bull’s All Snow Tour. Nomads and near original Classics will be available for everyone to try and enjoy. Both Men’s and Women's All Snow Winners will receive limited edition, custom graphic-ed Red Bull 'All Snow' Snurfer Nomads as their prizes. Pretty cool - a trophy that you can ride all winter long. So if you’re looking for a rad time, come on over to Mount Snow and get out and Snurf!
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