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The Right Snurfer For Me

Posted by Brew on 8/12/2015 to News
The Right Snurfer For Me

If simple back yard fun in a variety of snow conditions is your bag, then either the Nomad or Scout is the board of choice depending upon your size. With the narrow waist designs, these "All-Rounders" are ideal for edgeless riding even on the smallest amounts of snow. If you are 100 lbs or less go with the The Scout, over 100 lbs The Nomad is right for you. 

If you yearn for deep powder days in the steeps of your neighborhood golf course or back country pow runs, then our Powder Hound Series is right for you. Designed with increased overall widths both the Rambler and Scout will get you through the deepest of snow with tons of fun to be had all day long. If you are 100 lbs or less, go with the The 5 ply Rambler. More than 100 lbs The 6 ply Drifter is the right board for you.

For those traditionalists looking for that retro ride, the Snurfer Classics bring you back to the backyard bombing days of your youth. Designed to be near exact replicas of the original Snurfers of 1965 the classic comes in both original colors Rocket Red and Sunburst Yellow.

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