Why Different Board Widths?

Just like skis and snowboards with bindings “there’s no one design to do it all”, which is why we have expanded the Surfer line from Sherman Poppen’s original narrow deck boards to the wider Powder Series style boards.

Each Snurfer is specifically designed to meet the “Fun Factor” needs associated with various riding styles and snow conditions. 

In an effort to stay true to our mantra of “Less Tech, More Fun”, the easiest way to explain the basic design differences of each board and which to use when, is as follows: The deeper and lighter the snow, the wider the board, while conversely, the shallower and harder the snow, the narrower the board. A narrower board allows the rider to more easily find and maintain center on harder snow while a wider boards allow for greater floatation and turning when in fresh pow.

If your primary objective is backyard fun for the entire family the MC's and Nomad's answer the call while if powder covered steps is where you envision the majority of your days, then either the Rambler, Racer or the Drifter will work for you.

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