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"As we approach the 50th anniversary of my long term dream, I'm happy to endorse Brew and Vew-Do Balance Boards as they reintroduce the Snurfer brand to an entirely new generation of backyard enthusiasts." - Sherman Poppen

Grab a rope and get your balance on! Riding a Snurfer is easy and fun-”it's a chance to play outside and enjoy even the lightest dusting of snow, no ticket necessary. Swoop, weave, carve, and get tricky-”there's no end to what you can do with your Snurfer!


Classic Yellow Snurfer

Get outside more!

It's winter outside still! Time to grab your Snurfer, get outside in the snow and start having a snow surfing adventure today!

bindingless snowboards

Snurfer Fun In The Sun!

From one inch to two feet of snow, there is nothing more fun than riding bindingless on every hill in site. Great for all snowboarders and skiers. Get a Snurfer today!


How snowboarding began

"The Snurfer, for me, was this ability to surf on snow, and it was this incredible ‘Wow, who thought of that?’. That thing, when I got on that Snurfer, was magic" - Jake Burton

Snurfer Classic Snow Surfers

Snurfer Classics In Stock

Winter is not over just yet! We've made another limited run of the Classics in Red and Yellow. These near replicas are perfect for the hill or hanging on the wall.

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